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Merry Christmas from Brentwood Brewery

Van Kannor – Let’s Celebrate!

After much anticipation we are delighted that our Champagned beer, Van Kannor 7.7% ABV, is ready for you to try.  It’s a very special beer, produced using traditional  Champagning methods, with the run limited to just a 1000 bottles.  Triple fermented with Champagne, beer and wine yeast, hand-turned and riddled, Van Kannor combines gentle fruitiness […]

Real Ale & Health – The Facts

Moderate drinkers (those drinking a couple of pints of relatively low strength ale per day) get sick less than non-beer drinkers.  They are more out going, less stressed, enjoy life more and live longer. A couple of pints a day lowers cholesterol. 31% less likely to have a heart attack, stroke or heart disease (reduces risk […]