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What a Motley Crew!

When it comes to posing for photos, there are few shrinking violets among the Brentwood Brewery Team.

It’s no surprise the dressing up box has been readily raided once again.  Hope you like the  latest team photo, with a little help from some brewery friends, including The Earl of Brentwood.  By the way, has anyone had a word with Jack about trimming his moustache?

Zany Brewery Antics

When the photographer suggested doing something a bit zany or amusing for one of the shots, MD Roland questioned whether dressing up wasn’t funny enough on its own.  But Head Brewer Ethan had other ideas.


Love Beer, Love Brentwood


New Beer SPA

SPA Session Pale Ale 4.1% is a perfectly relaxing, refreshing pint with notes of sun-blushed tropical fruits.  In this new beer we’re using Styrian Wolf hops for the first time.  You can expect a relaxing bitterness with an invigorating burst of lemongrass, mango and passionfruit flavours.

We’re launching this latest addition to the Brentwood Beer range at our SPA Day on Saturday 24th March.  Singer Michelle Ward will be returning to the brewery to perform some upbeat tunes at 12.30pm.  To celebrate National Chicken Wings Day (22nd March) we’ll be serving hot food and snacks including chicken wings.

Hope you can join us.

Love Beer, Love Brentwood

You Are Invited

To Brentwood Brewery on Saturday 24th March for the official launch of SPA Session Pale Ale – the latest new brew in the Brentwood range.



Pump Clip Treasures

Do you collect pump clips?  Have you ever considered starting?  It’s always good to have a hobby.  Either way, you’re welcome to rummage, rootle and rifle around some boxes full of them in Brentwood Brewery’s Tap Room and Brewery Shop.  Who knows what treasures you might find!  We’re selling some off for charity at 50p each or 3 for £1.

Pump clip collecting is really quite popular as a hobby, albeit a little niche. Did you know there is a national pump clip museum?  It’s based at New Basford in Nottingham where 1600 pump clips are on display.  The museum evolved from a private collection belonging to Mike Gatenby of between 20,000 and 30,000 pump clips which he started collecting in the seventies.  It is now the national collection.

He said:  “Very few collectors have their clips on display, especially if they are married!  Normally they live in the loft never to be seen from one year to the next.  Some collectors have them in sheds,outhouses, conservatories and even stuck on bars in houses.”

Because of the museum’s size a maximum of three people can tour at any time and visits are by pre-arranged appointment only and just for pump clip collectors or brewery historians.


Love Beer, Love Brentwood

Smile for Blue Monday

Being the third Monday in January it’s Blue Monday today and officially the most depressing day of the year.  But at Brentwood Brewery we want to share some news that should put a smile on your face.

We are now open on Mondays, an extra day every week.  Opening times for the The Tap Room and Brewery Shop are Monday to Friday 9.30am – 4.30pm and on Saturdays 10.30am to 3.30pm.

If you fancy a pint of Brentwood Beer at the brewery there is always a choice of quality draught real ales on the bar in The Tap Room.


You can be sure of a warm welcome.  If you pop in today, Roland may even cheer you up with one of his jokes.

Love Beer, Love Brentwood

Bloggers Visit

A delegation of Essex bloggers were made very welcome on a recent visit to the brewery. The press trip was arranged by the Visit Essex tourism team.

As well as touring the brewery with MD Roland and Head Brewer Ethan, guests were able to sample some Brentwood Beer before heading off to more venues like a vineyard and Tiptree Tea Room and jam factory.

Maybe you’ll let us know if you read something nice that the bloggers wrote about us?

Love Beer,  Love Brentwood

Go BBC1 Not Dry!

Following the party season we understand some of you may be planning to abstain from alcohol during January and taking part in Dryanuary.  For those that think that’s a great idea but don’t actually want to give up life’s little pleasures completely, may we suggest switching your usual tipple for some of our BBC1.

It’s  just 1.5% ABV but has all the usual flavour you’d expect from any beer in the Brentwood or Elephant School Brewing ranges.

BBC1 is BBC2’s little brother!  Light brown in colour, loads of flavours bursting on the palate from the mix of Columbus, Chinook, Citra and Cascade hops.  It’s ridiculously drinkable.

Love Beer, Love Brentwood

Gluten Free Beer

Brentwood Brewery has some fabulous news for anyone who suffers from gluten intolerance or Celiac disease.  All beers in the Brentwood range are now Gluten Free with the current exception of BBC1, which will also be gluten free very shortly.

Head Brewer Ethan Kannor explains:  “For the last six months we’ve been working towards making all beer in the Brentwood range, gluten free.

“To that end, we’ve carried out rigorous testing to make sure every pint of Brentwood Beer continues to deliver the top quality and flavour our fans expect from the brand.  And we’re delighted to conclude that nobody has noticed as we haven’t been notified of any perceivable difference whilst the changeover has been taking place.”

The brewing process remains the same but with the addition of a natural enzyme which is added at the start of the fermentation process.  The enzyme takes out the gluten, a protein, making it fall to the bottom of the fermenter where it can easily be discarded.

To find out more about award-winning beers in the Brentwood range as well as tasting notes, please see the Our Beers section of the brewery website.

Love Beer, Love Brentwood

Beer Stories – Lumberjack

The perfect beer to accompany Christmas Brussels Sprouts is – drum roll please – our Lumberjack 5.2% ABV.  It’s official  – we discovered this erstwhile unknown phenomenon on Twitter some while ago.


“As accolades go, this is a pretty big one.  We’re honoured that Lumberjack is hailed as the best beer to enjoy with Brussels.  We’ve been working on lots of beer and food matching suggestions with Beer for That but this pairing idea is especially exciting.

“I really love Brussels Sprouts.  I always eat one at Christmas,” said Roland Kannor, Brentwood Brewing Company MD.


We say Lumberjack tastes pretty fine on its own too.  Others agree as it has won:

Silver – SIBA East Region Best Bottled Strong Ale 2013, 2015, 2017 and Gold – SIBA East Region Best Strong Ale 2009.



Lumberjack is available to buy from the Brewery Shop or online in bottles or 18 or 36 pint Polypins.

There’s a Beer for That

Asking the question ‘What is the beer that best matches the dreaded Christmas Brussels Sprouts?’ on a Twitter Q & A session with Great British Chefs was food blogger and writer Jeanne Horak-Druiff of

The answer came from courtesy of guest Laurence Creamer of There’s A Beer for That (

‘Counter the brilliant Brussels bitterness with sweetness of Brentwood Brewing Company’s Lumberjack, a beautiful bitter,’ was the reply on Twitter.

Laurence Creamer of There’s A Beer for That, which is backed by Britain’s Beer Alliance, added:  “Lumberjack’s full body can cope with the strong flavour of the sprout, while the beer’s sweetness will contrast and balance the bitterness from the vegetable.”


“Whilst we fully endorse the brilliance of the Brussels and Lumberjack partnership, we’s like to sound a note of caution.  Please consume Brussels Sprouts responsibly.  Large family gatherings, confined spaces, Brussels, Lumberjack … enough said,” added Roland.

Love Beer, Love Brentwood

Beer Stories – Chockwork Orange

Have you tried drinking our award winning Chockwork Orange 6.5% abv, brewed in Brentwood, with a chocolate orange?  Apparently, according to a Telegraph article, it’s one of life’s guilty pleasures.

Chockwork & Chocolate Orange


The story written by Hugo McEwen, with some input from Britain’s Beer Alliance,  suggests partnering chocolate with beer is one of life’s guilty pleasures.  One of the examples he cites is our Chockwork Orange and a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.  And we have to agree, you cannot find a finer synergy between flavours.



Chockwork Orange is available to buy from the Brewery Shop.  It can be bought in bottles or 18 or 36 pint Polypins.  Alternatively, Chockwork can be bought online.


MD of Brentwood Brewery, Roland Kannor said:  “Praise for this food and Chockwork Orange beer combination has pleased the brewery team no end.

“Making beers that get people talking is one of the joys of the job so the brewery was especially excited to get a mention in the Telegraph, discussing the surprisingly decadent taste combination that eating chocolate with certain beers can bring.”

Chockwork’s Claim to Fame

Chockwork Orange is the official beer of the book A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess.

Awards for Chockwork

Chockwork Orange won Beer of Festival at Belgrade, Serbia in 2014 and Silver medal at Hungary Beer Festival the same year.  In 2012 it won Bronze at SIBA East in the Best Strong Beer category.  Chockwork won Silver at SIBA East in the Best Speciality Beer category 2009 and was voted best Strong Ale at Chelmsford Summer Beer Festival 2009.

Christmas Puddings

Our Chockwork Orange is used by local food producers Fuud Ltd and Lillypuds in their Christmas puddings.  Christmas puddings containing our beer are available from the Brewery Shop in December and Calcott Hall Farm shop which is next door to the brewery.

Love Beer, Love Brentwood