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  • Santa’s Paradise 3.5%

    From: £35.83

    Santa is back from his holiday in Australia where he bought back some delightful hops for us to try. This beer has a citrus grapefruit flavour with a subtle peach and apricot coming through towards the end.

    Available Christmas in polypins

  • Pacific Pale Ale 4.7%

    From: £35.83

    This pale ale has been designed with hops from the Pacific region. Strawberries and melon are present in the aroma and then on the palate. The beer leaves a hint of resin on the toungue and a lingering bitterness with a slight sweetness from the malt. A well balanced beer with lots of flavour to get your mouth watering.

    Available August in polypins .

  • Burton Ale 4.8%

    From: £35.83

    A traditionally brewed beer in the 'Burton' style following the age-old Burton recipe. A wonderful step back in time.

    Available throughout March.

    Late Winter/early Spring, available in polypins.

  • Hot XXX Buns 3.9%

    From: £35.83

    A flavoursome bitter for Easter. Lemon and citrus hops complement the spices added for a true hot cross bun taste.

    Available over Easter in polypins