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  • Beer Club Renewal


    Renew your annual Beer Club Membership for £30 and continue to enjoy the full range of Brentwood regular, seasonal and occasional beers, throughout the year, in the comfort of your own home.  You will have the benefits of:

    ▪10% off all Brentwood bottled beer and merchandise

    ▪20% off draught beer collected from the brewery including Polypins

    10% off collected Polypins

    ▪Regular updates with our e-newsletter ‘Beery News’

    ▪Invitations to our great events

    You can buy your Beer Club Renewal online or call us on 01277 200483 or email [email protected].

    We offer FREE LOCAL HOME DELIVERY within 15 miles of the brewery.

    Please drink sensibly,

  • Brentwood Handmade Gin


    Get your favourite balloon glasses at the ready, Brentwood Handmade Gin 40% has arrived!   This handmade, true London Gin contains no less than 10 botanicals and has a citrusy flavour with a great finish.

    We recommend serving in a balloon glass with (slimline) tonic from Sch… you know who.  Lashings of ice and a citrus slice.

    Sold in 70cl bottles.

    Brentwood Handmade Gin is produced in collaboration with our good friends at Staffordshire Brewery.

  • Elephant School The Beer With No Name

    From: £20.83

    The Beer With No Name is new from Elephant School Brewing, created by Head Brewer Ethan.  His aim is to let the flavour of the beer do the talking rather than relying on a fancy design for the pump clip.  Adding further to this beer’s mystery, the recipe for The Beer With No Name will routinely change throughout the year.  The first recipe is for a hazy pale.

    Style: Hazy pale
    Gyle:  34/21
    ABV:  4.1%

    Tasting Notes:  Piloting Verdant IPA yeast which brings juicy fruit esters to the party boosting the  overall character of the brew. Dry hopped with Galaxy from Australia.

    Available in 9, 18 and 36 pint Polypins.

  • Mystery Beer Box


    A selection of 12 Brentwood and Elephant School beers personally chosen by Head Brewer Ethan.  Which mystery beers will you get in your box?

  • SPA 4.1%

    From: £37.50

    Session Pale Ale with a relaxing bitterness and invigorating burst of Lemongrass, Mango & Passion Fruit. New for 2018.

    Available in Polypins.

    Gluten Free.

  • White Elephant 4%

    From: £35.83

    Golden Mild brewed with coriander. (Silver Medal SIBA East Mild Category).

    Available in cask or Polypins.

    Gluten Free.

  • Pacific Pale Ale 4.7%

    From: £35.83

    This pale ale has been designed with hops from the Pacific region. Strawberries and melon are present in the aroma and then on the palate. The beer leaves a hint of resin on the toungue and a lingering bitterness with a slight sweetness from the malt. A well balanced beer with lots of flavour to get your mouth watering.

    Available August in Polypins.

    Gluten Free.