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  • Spooky Moon 3.8%

    From: £35

    A dark brown bitter with a sweet fruity finish, balanced with just the right level of bitterness to make this the perfect session pint.

    Available Autumn in polypins

  • APA 5%

    From: £35.83

    Refreshing American Pale ale brewed with Simcoe & Equanot. New for 2018.

    Available in Polypins.

  • SPA 4.1%

    From: £37.50

    Session Pale Ale with a relaxing bitterness and invigorating burst of Lemongrass, Mango & Passion Fruit. New for 2018.

    Available in polypins.

  • White Elephant 4%

    From: £35.83

    Golden Mild brewed with coriander. (Silver Medal SIBA East Mild Category).

    Available in cask or Polypins.

  • Porter In A Storm 4.9%

    From: £25

    For a taste that will have you singing in the rain, this rich porter showers your taste buds with waves of chocolate, fruity and bitter, with successive sips. Porter in a storm is one to throw down your throat if you’re caught in a downpour or in fact any time you want a great beer. 12 x 330ml cases.

  • Elephant School- Cheru Kol 4.5%


    A glorious embellishment of flavours brought together in this collaboration of styles from Belgium and Great Britain. The Honeyed sweetness of the figs wrapped around the spicy, piney tang of the rosemary combine perfectly with the eccentricities of the Belgian yeast.

    Food Match: Lamb Chops

    12 x 330ml cases.

  • Elephant School-Sombrero 4.5%

    From: £26.67

    With it’s burst of passion fruit and hint of mint, Sombrero starts a fiesta in your mouth that you won’t want to stop. Tipping it’s wide brimmed hat to it’s European saison roots, its flavour transports you to Mexico for a party that lasts to the bottom of your glass.

    Food Match: Chicken Fajitas

    12 x 330ml cases.

    Unfined and Naturally Hazy in cask.

  • Ale-Klahoma! 4.5%


    Full-bodied beer with light hop and malt flavours attuned in total harmony.  You can't say no on a Beautiful Morning or any other time of day – it's the All Er Nothin' pint for the farmer and the cowman.

  • Plumberry 4.6%


    Plumberry is a reddish brown, full of flavour bitter. Plums and Blackberries (from our neighbours Calcott Hall Farm) are added to the brew to give a long and fruity finish. Get it while it lasts!

    Available in bottles