Brentwood Brewing Company began with a conversation between founders Dave Holmes and Roland Kannor that went something like:  “This pint’s not brilliant – we can do better than this!”

So, after a strenuous few months of hard research (hic!) the brewery went into production on 4th July 2006.  Our original capacity was 5 BBL or about 1400 pints.

Our first brew, Summer Virgin was voted Beer of the Festival at the CAMRA Chelmsford Summer Beer Festival 2007.  In 2008 Roland and Dave were joined by another local bussinessman, Jason Jopson.  Jason helped finance a new 20BBL brewery which is in use today.

Also in 2008 Sophie de Ronde, BSc. Hon. joined us as Head Brewer.  Sophie has moved on to pastures new, having created some wonderful beers.

Roland’s son Ethan is our Head Brewer.  We believe the youngest in the country.

In the office in 2011 we introduced Carol Tomsett (book keeper – now office manager) and Hal Kannor, sales and festival organiser.  The two work well together taking care of the brewery’s daily routines and chores.

In 2013, we said goodbye to Dave as partner.  He does, however, maintain his interest in the company and what we do, helping out at festival time.

Since then we’ve been joined by Jaye (sales), Gary (accounts) and Dean the Dray.

Brewer Dave Golding joined us in 2019.  In 2020 Dan Curtis joined us and will be helping out, doing a bit of everything.