Brewery Day Experience

Be a brewer for the day!

This is the ideal gift for someone with an interest in beer who wants to know a little more about the art of brewing or perhaps just to make a change from all those boring hot air balloon rides and fast car track days. For just £99 for the day you get partake in making and understanding a beer yourself.

The day’s programme will be as follows (though please remember all times are approximate):

8.00am – Arrive at the brewery and get stuck in straight away with measuring out the various malts for that day’s brew.

8.45am – Mashing in (Adding the malt grist to hot water)

9.30am – Talk on the technical aspects of brewing (part 1). Malting process through to mashing.

11.00am – Sparging. Separation of wort from the mash into the copper.

12.30 – A light lunch at our brewery tap and a chance to sample some of the beers

1.30pm – Time to dig out the mash tun!

2.00pm – Getting the boil underway and addition of hops.

2.15pm – Talk on the technical aspects of brewing (part 2). The boil, hops, yeast and fermentation.

3.00pm – Ready for the collection. Sanitising the heat exchanger and fermentation vessel.

4.00pm – Collection of boiled wort and pitching of yeast.

4.30pm – All done!

5.00pm – Time to go.

This experience is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays for up to 4 people at a time so ideal for friends to do together. Practical clothing (It gets mucky!) and footwear (wellies/boots) are advised.

A disclaimer will be provided. This must be completed and submitted prior to the experience day that has been booked.

All participants will receive a copy of “Notes on Brewing”.

Once your beer is ready (approx. 1 week after the Experience Day)
an 18 pint polypin of that beer will be made available for collection
(Can be despatched at additional cost.)

We can recommend local accommodation, either B&B or hotel, if required.


Call 01277 200483 or email us at [email protected]  for details on availability and to make bookings.