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Welcome to our rebellious offspring…


Elephant School Brewing is named after the Elephant School that was in the base for the army barrack, which was a depot for the Essex Regiment. The school was run by the British East India Trading Company and they trained people to ride Elephant before going out to India.


The beers are not along the traditional lines of its parent and so you can expect to see some rather different samples of beers being born. We are always on the look out for new recipe’s, if you have any ideas please send them to us [email protected] or tweet us @elephantschoolb.


The Beers

Current Range

Aussie Blonde 4% – Australian hopped blonde beer (It’s hopped back again, available now!)

Sombrero 4.5% – With it’s burst of passion fruit and hint of mint, sombrero starts a fiesta in your mouth that you won’t want to stop. Tipping its wide brimmed hat to its European saison roots, its flavour transports you to Mexico for a party that lasts to the bottom of your glass.

Cheru Kol 4.5% – A Glorious embellishment of flavours brought together in this collaboration of styles from Belgium and Great Britain. The honeyed sweetness of the figs wrapped around the spicy, piney tang of the rosemary combine perfectly with the eccentricities of the Belgian yeast.

Mallowphant – 4.8% – Marshmallow stout.

Porter in a storm 4.9% – For a taste that will have you singing in the rain, this rich porter showers your tastebuds with waves of chocolate, fruity and bitter with successive sips. Porter in a storm is one to pour down your throat if your caught in a downpour or any time you want a great beer

Mango Unchained 7.2% – Double IPA brewed with Mango’s.


Past Beers

White Elephant 4% – Golden mild brewed with coriander (Silver Medal SIBA East Mild Category)  

Peasants’ Revolt 4.6% – red ale with new world hops


C-note 6%– American style punchy IPA

Wipeout 5% – black style IPA 

After 8 8.3% – A chocolatey minty beer. Black beer with rich flavours and a smooth after feel of


Red riot 4.3% – red rye ale with blackcurrrenty, spicy hop flavours. 

s-lime 5.5% – Strawberry and lime Belgian style Saison. The beer has the Belgian taint throughout with a well balanced hit of lime and subtle strawberry.

Gold Rush 5% – A golden IPA made with Austrailian and American Hops. A beer to make you feel rich!



Cookies and cream 4.5% – A luscious chocolate milk stout made with coco powder from http://www.merryberrytruffles.co.uk/

Jester Pils 4.7% – A revolutionary extra pale ale made with the new Jester hops giving off gooseberry and lemon flavours. A wonderful showcase of new age ingredients.

Smoking Trunks 5.4% – A gently smoked porter style beer but with a twist of tropical fruit hoppy loveliness.


Orange & Elderflower wheat 4.2% – A collaboration with XT’s Animal beers. We will be bringing you a perfect blend of elderflower and orange in a wheat style beer.

Wheat Odyssey 7% – An odyssey of Belgian Wit and American IPA. Bringing together the gorgeous Citra hops with wheat malts and then adding a dash of Belgian Wit yeast, gives us a Wheat Odyssey.

Beers Coming Up

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