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It’s Almost Navestock Fest Time

Brentwood Beer will also be making an appearance.  See you there?

We’re Supporting First Step Charity

If you live in the London Borough of Havering and enjoy a pint or bottle of Brentwood Beer, you could be helping local children’s charity First Step at the same time as enjoying an award-winning, refreshing pint of craft beer. Brentwood Brewing Company has teamed up with First Step and has pledged to donate to […]

Doing The Chockwork Walk?

Chockwork Orange fans this is for you … It’s long been noted by the brewery team that Chockwork fans adopt a bold, determined walk, often with some urgency, fixing their eyes on one particular cask and homing in on it without hesitation or deviation of route, even from a considerable distance away.  That cask and […]