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Doing The Chockwork Walk?

Chockwork Orange fans this is for you …

It’s long been noted by the brewery team that Chockwork fans adopt a bold, determined walk, often with some urgency, fixing their eyes on one particular cask and homing in on it without hesitation or deviation of route, even from a considerable distance away.  That cask and their subsequent order when they arrive at the Brentwood Brewing Company bar is of course our Chockwork Orange.

For the duration of Chelmsford Summer Beer and Cider Festival 2016 (5th – 9th July) in Admirals Park off Rainsford Road, the brewery is running its Chockwork Walk Competition.

To be in with a chance of winning a Brentwood Brewery Tour for two, all you need to do is take a video of yourself or friend/s doing The Chockwork Walk and Tweet your video to us @BrentwoodBrewCo.  The best video, judged by the brewery team, wins the tour prize.

On the Brentwood Brewing Company bar at this year’s Chelmsford Beer Festival will be the brewery team, wearing most unusual, yet unforgettable, headgear and these beers:

Summer Virgin, Marvellous Maple Mild, Heavenly Body, Chockwork Orange and BBC2.  Look out for Elephant School Brewing beers too:  Aussie Blonde, Mahout, Black & Weiss and Porter in a Storm.

For more details about Chelmsford Summer Beer & Cider Festival 2016, please visit our events page

Hope to see you there!  Will you be doing the Chockwork Walk?

Love Beer, Love Brentwood

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