Author Helps Launch Workhouse IPA

The collaboration beer by Billericay and Brentwood Breweries
celebrating their new friendly, co-operative working relationship was launched
at Billericay’s Spring Beer Festival with help from local author Sylvia Kent.

At the launch, writer and author Sylvia supped a small taster of the new beer,
Workhouse IPA 5%, which has a link to the latest local history book she is
writing. Her twelfth book, Brentwood in 50 Buildings, published by Amberley,
is due out this summer and depending upon the final edit should include
Brentwood’s surviving workhouse building.

Sylvia Kent Trying Workhouse IPA | Photo: Wendy Pike

“Judged by today’s standards, the very idea of the workhouse and family separation – a routine and accepted part of workhouse life – seems barbaric.”

Sylvia Kent, Local Historian, Writer & Author

Dave Golding, Ethan Kannor, Roland Kannor, Sylvia Kent & Trevor Jeffery Photo: Wendy Pike

Brentwood’s surviving workhouse building, dating back to 1788, is at 27 Hart
Street formerly known as Back Street. Extended in 1805 to accommodate
more paupers, the building has also been a bordello. And since at least the
1880s, a pub. It is currently The Gardeners.

Workhouse Building Now Luxury Homes | Photo: Sylvia Kent

Serving 26 parishes, Billericay Union Workhouse was built in 1840 and was
also later extended. The workhouse building at Grey Lady Place off Norsey
Road has more recently been converted into luxury private homes.

“We went for the name Workhouse as there were workhouses in both Billericay and Brentwood and we know brewing beer is very hard work!”

Billericay Brewing Company Director Trevor Jeffery.


Workhouse IPA, was named in a competition won by Graham Seal of
Colchester via his Facebook page, Mancave Beer Reviews. He won an 18
pint Polypin of the new beer. Everyone who entered the competition received
a free pint voucher.

Trevor Jeffery Handing Out Samples of Workhouse IPA | Photo: Wendy Pike

Free Samples

The brewers were encouraged by feedback from festival goers who sampled
some free tasters at Billericay’s Spring Beer Festival. Consensus was that
the light, citrusy, floral ale would be especially refreshing in the summer.

The New England style IPA was expertly brewed by Brentwood’s Head
Brewer Ethan Kannor and Billericay Brewer Dave Golding using a mixture of
malts and five different hops including some not so common ones like Rakau,
Teiheke from New Zealand and English Olicana.

Workhouse IPA will be available in bottles later this month

“We’re hoping our Workhouse brings people together to enjoy themselves. Workhouse IPA will certainly be on the beer list at our Spring Beer Festival on Saturday 13th April at Brentwood Brewery.”

Brentwood Brewing Company MD Roland Kannor

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