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The perfect beer to accompany Christmas Brussels Sprouts is – drum roll please – our Lumberjack 5.2% ABV.  It’s official  – we discovered this erstwhile unknown phenomenon on Twitter some while ago.


“As accolades go, this is a pretty big one.  We’re honoured that Lumberjack is hailed as the best beer to enjoy with Brussels.  We’ve been working on lots of beer and food matching suggestions with Beer for That but this pairing idea is especially exciting.

“I really love Brussels Sprouts.  I always eat one at Christmas,” said Roland Kannor, Brentwood Brewing Company MD.


We say Lumberjack tastes pretty fine on its own too.  Others agree as it has won:

Silver – SIBA East Region Best Bottled Strong Ale 2013, 2015, 2017 and Gold – SIBA East Region Best Strong Ale 2009.



Lumberjack is available to buy from the Brewery Shop or online in bottles or 18 or 36 pint Polypins.

There’s a Beer for That

Asking the question ‘What is the beer that best matches the dreaded Christmas Brussels Sprouts?’ on a Twitter Q & A session with Great British Chefs was food blogger and writer Jeanne Horak-Druiff of

The answer came from courtesy of guest Laurence Creamer of There’s A Beer for That (

‘Counter the brilliant Brussels bitterness with sweetness of Brentwood Brewing Company’s Lumberjack, a beautiful bitter,’ was the reply on Twitter.

Laurence Creamer of There’s A Beer for That, which is backed by Britain’s Beer Alliance, added:  “Lumberjack’s full body can cope with the strong flavour of the sprout, while the beer’s sweetness will contrast and balance the bitterness from the vegetable.”


“Whilst we fully endorse the brilliance of the Brussels and Lumberjack partnership, we’s like to sound a note of caution.  Please consume Brussels Sprouts responsibly.  Large family gatherings, confined spaces, Brussels, Lumberjack … enough said,” added Roland.

Love Beer, Love Brentwood

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