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Beer Stories – Van Kannor

Van Kannor 7.7% was created to be the finest of sophisticated celebratory ales.  It’s perfect for Christmas or any special occasion.

Beer & Food Matched with Christmas Roast Turkey

It’s official.  The British Beer Alliance, There’s a Beer for That campaignhas matched Brentwood Brewery’s Van Kannor with roast turkey as it perfectly compliments the flavours of both food and beer.

Champagned Beer

Van Kannor was produced using traditional Champagning methods. Triple fermented with Champagne, beer and wine yeast, hand-turned and riddled, Van Kannor combines gentle fruitiness with sweet malt aromas to create a luxurious, sophisticated beer.  Only 1000 bottles were made.

Connoisseur’s Dream Gift

Every connoisseur’s dream gift, Van Kannor is available from the Brewery Shop in 750ml bottles (£32.50).  Or buy Van Kannor online.


Former head brewer at Brentwood Brewery, Sophie de Ronde, was commissioned by the Kannor family to create the finest, most exquisite beer she could possibly imagine, worthy of toasting welcome to the family’s first born grandchild and grandson.


Van Kannor was brewed in 2014.  Having spent three years maturing, we believe Van Kannor now tastes even more divine.


School of Booze and Beer o’Clock author, beer sommelier Jane Peyton says Van Kannor is ‘ace’.

Van Kannor is a really special beer.

“Pour it into a flute and savour the fruity aroma then take a sip. Sweet malts develop first, followed by a satisfying, mouth-filling mousse and finally a gentle bitterness,” said Jane.

Love Beer, Love Brentwood



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