Calcott Strawberry Blonde 4.4%

We have used Calcott Hall’s strawberries to make their very own Strawberry Blonde beer. The beer will soon be available in bottles at Calcott Hall Farm Shop and we even have 3 casks that will be seen in pubs locally! The beer is light and refreshing with aromas of strawberry, a slightly tart end and a delightful aftertaste of the fruit. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Calcott Strawberry Blonde 4.4%

  1. Saw this on sale at the Golden Fleece in Chelmsford, but as I was driving I decided against a pint. I love fruity beers, my particular favourites are Framboise and Fruli, so if this comes close to them I’m game on. Recently tried the Whistable raspberry beer which went down a treat whilst we were there.
    Anyway, where can I get my hands on some of this?
    please and thanks

    1. sophie says:

      Hello Undercover Pete! You can but the Calcott Strawberry Blonde from Calcott Hall Farm Shop on the Ongar Road in Brentwood. I hope you will enjoy.

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