Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Policy Statement

We are an ethical company dedicated to ensuring that we use only those resources required to achieve our legitimate business objectives, while doing what we can to conserve existing natural resources such as to ensure that there will be sufficient resources for future generations, while also contributing to our communities and the communities in which we and our customers live.

It is the responsibility of each employee of the company to ensure that these principles are upheld across our business operations and commercial relationships, and that each employee serves as an ambassador for the company in all our areas of business.

Legal & Ethical compliance

The Company complies with all relevant legislation concerning the manufacture of food products. Our staff have received training and certification in Food Hygiene and management, and a Health & Safety Policy is in existence which is a living document, updated to reflect working practices and changes in production methods as skills and technology evolve. Consultation with relevant authorities including the local council and Trading Standards ensure compliance with all relevant legislation and policy.

Responsible Drinking

Sales of Alcohol are governed by the terms of our license issued by the local Licensing Authority. Compliance is ensured by operating the ‘Challenge 21’ policy where appropriate, and internet sales are vetted to ensure customers are over 18. Our product labeling contains information regarding units of alcohol, allergy warnings and a reference to the Drink Aware website. Advertising is reviewed to ensure compliance with Government guidelines promoting responsible drinking.

Environmental issues

The Brewery premises are sited on a working farm. Waste products from the brewing process (spent hops and barley) are re-cycled into animal feed and this is used locally, thus dealing with the waste product and leaving virtually no transport issues.
The brewing process itself re-cycles water throughout the process, thus minimizing water usage.
Deliveries are combined, thus reducing vehicle use, and many deliveries are arranged in bulk – thus reducing the carbon footprint.

Community involvement & charitable support

The Company has a long history of supporting local charity through sales of certain products and provision of facilities at community events. Charities benefiting from funds include Essex Kids, Snap, Click Sargent, Mikes Mountain, The British Legion, The Alistair Cooke Benefit and Help for Heroes.