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L-R Winner Michael Frewin from Rainham, Ethan Kannor Head Brewer, Giant Squirrel (Shannon Bowles), Bottle Brentwood Gold (Ralph Kannor), The Earl of Brentwood and James Frewin - CopyOur first Open Conker Championship was a knock out success for Michael Frewin of Rainham. He conquered his competitors, even taking out his son James, to become Brentwood Brewery’s King Conkerer.  As well as being presented with a winner’s certificate, Mr Frewin will also be enjoying a case of 12 bottles of Brentwood Beer worth £30.

“Everyone had a cracking good time. It was slightly bonkers at times but that’s usual here at the brewery.

“We spent much of the day chasing a giant squirrel who kept running off with the conkers. Then we had to coax The Earl of Brentwood out of a sulk as he lost his first match. It was a good, entertaining day out for all ages,” said Head Brewer Ethan Kannor.

Squirrel on the run chased by Ethan Kannor, Bottle of Brentwood Gold and The Earl of Brentwood - Copy

MD Roland Kannor added: “We are great believers in tradition. Not so many years ago kids would get at 6am to go conkering or the conkers would all be gone. Now the game has fallen out of fashion. We like to do our bit to make sure these time honoured, traditions are not forgotten. And we like to have fun too.”

Oakley Kannor, Conkers - Copy

Keeping the tradition alive and encouraging the next generation, Roland’s seventeen month old grandson Oakley Kannor enjoyed his first conker tournament. “Obviously not as a competitor. Oakley was simply fascinated by conkers. He seemed to have a sixth sense for picking out good ones too,” added his Dad, Ethan.

Oakley & Ethan, Conkers - Copy


CU Squirrel with stringed conkers - CopyCU The Earl of Brentwood Conkers 2 - Copy

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