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NEW: Beer in Cans Coming Soon

We realise beer in cans isn’t a new invention but selling Brentwood and Elephant School Beer in cans is new for us. And we’re getting pretty excited about launching three new products later this month. They are 440ml cans of:

Brentwood Falcon Punch 5.6%

Elephant School Morning Glory 4.4%, a New Zealand IPA

My Milk Stout Brings All the Bulls to the Yard (Export) 7.1%.

You’ll be able to buy a mixed case of 12 x 440ml cans containing 4 of each of these 3 beers. Or a straight case of 12.

The cans will be with us later this month and we’ll be making a big noise about it once they hit the shelves in the Brewery Shop.

Love Beer, Love Brentwood

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