Regular Beers

  • Mixed Case of Cans


    A mixed case of 12 x 440ml cans of Brentwood and Elephant School Beers.  Each case contains 4 cans each of Brentwood Falcon Punch 5.6% and Elephant School Mallowphant 6.8% and Mango Unchained 7.2%.  Gluten free.

  • Marvellous Maple Mild 3.7%

    From: £20.83

    Popular with all who try it, this delicate dark brown mild has just a hint of maple syrup coming through in the finish.

    Available all year round in Polypins.

    Gluten Free.

    Voted best mild – Chelmsford Summer Beer Festival 2009

    Champion Mild at Cornwall Beer Festival 2014

    Nominated for Champion Beer of Britain 2015

  • Lumberjack 5.2%

    From: £25

    Our strong, slightly sweet, full bodied bitter is brewed using traditional English Fuggles and EKG hops to give a round, hoppy finish.

    Food Match: Sumptuous with Stews & Red Meats

    Available all year round in bottles and Polypins.

    Gluten Free.

    Bottles Vegan Friendly too.

    Gold – SIBA East Region Best Strong Ale 2009

    Silver – SIBA East Region Best Bottled Strong Ale 2013, 2015, 2017


  • Legacy 4%

    From: £20.83

    Class in a Glass! Amber bitter, slightly sweet with light hoppy finish. Easy drinking at its best. New for 2017.

    Available in Polypins.

    Gluten Free.

  • Jubilee Juice in cans

    Jubilee Juice in Cans


    Jubilee Juice  – 4.5% ABV – a platinum pale ale with juicy tropical aromas and a subtle hint of strawberry, making it extremely sessionable for all your jubilee celebrations.

    Case of 12 x 440ml cans.

    Gluten Free.

  • Hope & Glory 4.5%

    From: £20.83

    Our full bodied red premium bitter. A well balanced bitter with full malt flavours and a  lightness of the hops coming through in the flavour, leaving a pleasing end note and lingering bitterness.

    Champion premium bitter of East England. (SIBA).

    Food Match: Superb with Sausages.

    Available all year in bottles, occasionally in Polypins

    Gluten Free.

    Bottles Vegan Friendly too.


  • Golden Crust 3.7%

    From: £20.83

    Lightly hopped pale ale. As found in Pie & Pint Inns.

    Gluten Free & Vegan Friendly.

    Available in Polypins and Bottles.

  • Falcon Punch 5.6% in Cans


    Falcon Punch 5.6% – A tropical IPA with continual punches of passionfruit, mango and lychee.

    Case of 12 x 440ml cans.

    Gluten Free.

  • Falcon Punch 5.1%

    From: £41.67

    IPA with fruity hoppy punch, low in bitterness and very refreshing.

    Gluten Free.

    Available in Polypins.

  • Elephant School The Beer With No Name

    From: £20.83

    The Beer With No Name is new from Elephant School Brewing, created by Head Brewer Ethan.  His aim is to let the flavour of the beer do the talking rather than relying on a fancy design for the pump clip.  Adding further to this beer’s mystery, the recipe for The Beer With No Name will routinely change throughout the year.  The first recipe is for a hazy pale.

    Style: Hazy pale
    Gyle:  34/21
    ABV:  4.1%

    Tasting Notes:  Piloting Verdant IPA yeast which brings juicy fruit esters to the party boosting the  overall character of the brew. Dry hopped with Galaxy from Australia.

    Available in 9, 18 and 36 pint Polypins.

  • Elephant School – Mango Unchained 7.2%


    Elephant School – Mango Unchained 7.2%.

    Single hopped with Citra to unchain the mango aromas supported by the soft sweetness of the Caramalt and oats to provide a dangerously drinkable double IPA.

    You know when you’ve been mango’d.

    Case of 12 x 440ml cans.

    Gluten free.

  • Elephant School – Mallowphant 6.8%


    Elephant School –

    Mallowphant 6.8%

    Vanilla, chocolate, caramel and dried fruit collide with the roasted biscuity malt bill to produce a complex and exciting marshmallow stout.

    Case of 12 x 440ml cans.

    Gluten free.


Seasonal Beers and Specials

  • Van Kannor 7.7%


    Brewed in 2014, Van Kannor is triple fermented with beer, wine and champagne yeast. Hand turned and degorged, it combines gentle fruitiness with sweet malt aromas to create a luxurious and sophisticated beer, produced using traditional champagning methods.

    Limited run of 1000 x 750ml bottles. Serve chilled in Goblet style beer glass.
    “It is the best beer to come out of Essex.” – Matt Chinnery (British Guild of Beer Writers)


    “Developing in complexity and nuance as it ages, Brentwood Brewery’s Van Kannor could arguably be the best beer produced in Essex for many years. Smooth as silk, tart and fruity, with waves of peach and pear drop dominating the taste and a finish of spicy white pepper and crushed coriander seed, this is certainly a beer that you need to experience at least once. It’s limited though so you’d better be quick as when it’s gone it’s gone forever.”  -Justin Mason (British Guild of beer writers)


    “Van Kannor is a really special beer! Pour it into a flute and savour the fruity aroma then take a sip.  Sweet malts develop first, followed by a satisfying mouth filling mousse and finally a gentle bitterness. “Delicious as an aperitif and also with creamy cheese,” – Jane Peyton (Beer sommelier & School of booze and Beer o’clock author)


  • SPA 4.1%

    From: £37.50

    Session Pale Ale with a relaxing bitterness and invigorating burst of Lemongrass, Mango & Passion Fruit. New for 2018.

    Available in Polypins.

    Gluten Free.

  • Pacific Pale Ale 4.7%

    From: £35.83

    This pale ale has been designed with hops from the Pacific region. Strawberries and melon are present in the aroma and then on the palate. The beer leaves a hint of resin on the toungue and a lingering bitterness with a slight sweetness from the malt. A well balanced beer with lots of flavour to get your mouth watering.

    Available August in Polypins.

    Gluten Free.

  • Fragile X Ale 4.3%


    Fragile X Syndrome is the most common inherited cause of learning disability and autism. It affects nearly 200,000 people in the UK. The Fragile X Society supports individuals and families affected by the disorder. Brentwood Brewing Company are donating 10p per bottle sold to the society.

    Available in 12 x 500 ml cases.

    Gluten Free.

    Bottles Vegan Friendly too.

  • Beekeeper Pils 4.6%


    A new concept in beer drinking.  Have a Beekeeper Pils 4.6% and help save bees and our planet!

    Every 12 bottle pack of Beekeeper Pils comes with a packet of  seeds for you to grow into your own mini wildflower meadow (5m2) which will attract bees, helping them to live and thrive.

    The bees’ natural habitat is disappearing at an alarming rate. Without bees the human race would cease to exist. Eco enthusiast and Essex lad Jason Winter decided he would do something about it in a way people would understand and enjoy.  He commissioned us to produce the most eco-friendly beer we could create.  Even the labels are kind to the planet, being made from wood pulp, a waste product of sustainably managed forests.

    Bee happy drinking this exceptional Pilsner, in the knowledge you’ll be making a lot of bees very happy too.

    12 x 330 ml bottles.

    Vegan friendly, gluten free.