Real Ale & Health – The Facts

Moderate drinkers (those drinking a couple of pints of relatively low strength ale per day) get sick less than non-beer drinkers.  They are more out going, less stressed, enjoy life more and live longer.

A couple of pints a day lowers cholesterol.

31% less likely to have a heart attack, stroke or heart disease (reduces risk of cardiovascular and coronary heart disease both chemically and by reducing stress).

Improves blood flow and makes arteries more flexible.

Good for cognitive function, lowers risk of dementia and Alzheimers disease.

Good for digestion, stimulates appetite and keeps you regular.

Beer hydrates and flushes kidneys better than water.

Beer reduces kidney stones by 40% (Fizzy drinks and Apple juice increase by 23%).

Beer lowers risk of diabetes and is relatively low in calories.

Good for gall bladder, less likely to get gall stones.

Good for your skin.

Good for your hair. Malt nourishes and smooths, yeast strengthens and increases volume.

Very good source of silicon, good for bone density.

Hops aid sleep and protect against pneumonia and bronchitis.

All of these facts appear in the book ‘Beer, Health & Nutrition’ by Charles W. Bamforth, professor, University of California, a very great man indeed!

We would like to point out these benefits are to be had from moderate consumption of real beer. Real beer is not responsible for binge drinking and the problems associated with it and we believe should be classed as a food and not in the same bracket as stronger alcoholic beverages.


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