The Brewery Tap In Bloom

The Brewery Tap on Primrose Hill, Brentwood is taking part in our Brentwood in Bloom Pubs Competition and hoping to win a free cask of Brentwood Beer.

Judging is scheduled for tomorrow, 22nd July so today is your last chance to enter your pub in this free competition.  Call Jaye on 01277 200 483 for details.

The Brewery Tap’s garden and flowers are kept in order by Marita who has been supremely successful in previous Brentwood in Bloom competitions – going back at least a decade.

Pictured outside the pub is barman Chris Churchill although it sounds like Ian is the one who gets the chore of watering.

We’d like to wish The Brewery Tap all the best in our competition this year.

Love Beer, Love Brentwood


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