‘Van Kannor’

So the time has come for a Celebration Ale! This year saw the birth of the first Kannor grandson and so with this, we had a good excuse for creating an extraordinary beer. Today, 12th September, is the brew day….


‘Van Kannor’ was commissioned to Head Brewer Sophie de Ronde by the Kannor family to celebrate the birth of their first grandson where the ‘Van’ was re-introduced for the first time since the Second World War.

The celebration of the birth called for a ‘Champagned beer’ using hand riddling techniques. The beer has been developed to maintain a quality of gentle sweet malt aromas with compliments of subtle gooseberry and grapefruit. Having been double fermented with wine yeast and champagne yeast, the beer sings superiority of gentle apple notes and dryness on the palate. Van Kannor is a beer of finesse and a superb celebration drink for all occasions.


The beer will be sold in a special presentation box in 75cl bottles, providing every connoisseurs dream gift.

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