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The Viper in Bloom

The Viper at Mill Green has entered our Brentwood in Bloom Pubs Competition. Although our photograph was taken after torrential rain, the colourful garden and hanging baskets still manage to look amazing. Good luck everyone at The Viper in the competition.  The winners will be announced at Brentwood Brewery on Thursday.

The Hutton Junction In Bloom

The Hutton Junction at Hutton has entered our Brentwood in Bloom Pubs Competition. It’s a real family affair here with Landlord Len Mitchell and son David cultivating most of the plants from seed and planting them out and Landlady Lynn taking on the dead-heading.  The family seems to have inherited their green fingers from grandparents […]

Ye Olde Green Dragon

Ye Olde Green Dragon at Shenfield has entered our Brentwood in Bloom Pubs Competition. Landlady Bev Hawkins takes care of all the dead-heading and watering as well as sweeping the yard.  Tomlyns of Maskells Lane planted the baskets & tubs. We’d like to wish Bev and everyone at Ye Olde Green Dragon the best of luck […]

The Essex Arms in Bloom

The Essex Arms, Warley Hill is taking part in our free Brentwood in Bloom Pubs competition.  Twitter:  @EssexArmsBre Mike Shewbrook, Manager and Ben Easen, Assistant Manager at The Essex Arms have used reclaimed hanging baskets, rescued from a skip, creatively up-cycled them and filled them with plants they’ve grown from seed they collected from last […]

Rhoda at The White Horse, Coxtie Green

The White Horse in Bloom

Our brewery tap, The White Horse at Coxtie Green, has entered the Brentwood in Bloom Pubs competition. Whilst Jason planted all the hanging baskets it’s Rhoda who does the dead-heading with everyone pitching in for the watering. We’d like to wish Jason, Rhoda, Landlord John (call me ‘Just John’) and everyone at The White Horse […]

Assistant Brewer Ethan Kannor meets UB40, Brentwood Festival

Ale Talk With UB40

This World famous Reggae group may like to sing about Red, Red Wine but it turns out the boys from UB40  are also partial to a pint or two of real ale. Assistant Brewer Ethan Kannor couldn’t resist presenting the band with some Brentwood Brew Company refreshment when he met them at The Phoenix FM […]

The Brewery Tap In Bloom

The Brewery Tap on Primrose Hill, Brentwood is taking part in our Brentwood in Bloom Pubs Competition and hoping to win a free cask of Brentwood Beer. Judging is scheduled for tomorrow, 22nd July so today is your last chance to enter your pub in this free competition.  Call Jaye on 01277 200 483 for details. […]

The Brave Nelson In Bloom

The Brave Nelson, Woodman Road, Warley (Twitter: @thebravenelson) is in with a chance to win a free cask of fabulous Brentwood Beer in our Brentwood in Bloom Pubs Competition. With judging scheduled for 22nd July there’s still just enough time to enter your pub in this free competition.  Call Jaye on 01277 200 483 for more […]

Sophie’s Choices

Sophie’s Choices With a busy beer festival season underway our Head Brewer, Sophie de Ronde, the only brewster (female brewer) in Essex, has come up with a Brentwood Beer menu, matching our real ale to compliment the flavours of different Street Food types. There’s such a diverse range of  food to choose from at The Brentwood […]

Landlord James Murphy, The Swan

The Swan In Bloom

The Swan in Brentwood High Street ( is taking part in our Brentwood In Bloom Pubs Competition.  It’s free to enter and the winner gets a free cask of Brentwood Beer. During a recent visit we noticed our Brentwood Best was on tap – well done The Swan!   Landlord James Murphy is still planning some of the planting schemes but […]