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Sophie’s Choices

Sophie’s Choices

With a busy beer festival season underway our Head Brewer, Sophie de Ronde, the only brewster (female brewer) in Essex, has come up with a Brentwood Beer menu, matching our real ale to compliment the flavours of different Street Food types.

There’s such a diverse range of  food to choose from at The Brentwood Festival this weekend, that some pairings have been a challenge, even for Sophie.  What tipple do you have with an exotic game burger for example?  But like Sophie, we’re convinced there’s a Brentwood Beer for every occasion.  We hope you enjoy the festival.

Love Beer, Love Brentwood

Festival Food v Brentwood Beer-Match Menu:  Sophie’s Choices

Gourmet Burgers & Hotdogs – Brentwood Best or Brentwood Gold

Good traditional, robust flavours and easy to quaff with your burger or hotdog.

Fuud Pies – Brentwood Best or IPA

Warning:  Some of these pies contain our beer already, making them super  delicious.  These two well-rounded beers are a no-brainer with traditional pies – bliss.

Rotisserie Chicken – Brentwood Blonde

Light and floral, lemon-like flavours couples perfectly with poultry.

Hog Roast – IPA

Smooth, rounded beer with light citrus notes you can glug away with your hog roast.  Oink!

Exotic Burgers – Chockwork Orange

(Wagyu beef, kangaroo, llama, ostrich, elk, wild boar, springbok and zebra)

These need a  big, robust beer to go with the rich meats of these exotic burgers.  So it has to be Chockwork as it’s the only beer man (or woman) enough for the job.

Asian Fusion – Brentwood Blonde 

Light floral/lemon flavours will compliment the delicacy of Asian  spices. 

Caribbean – Brentwood Gold

Golden and hoppy with citrus, spicy flavours which will work through the Caribbean spice.

Tortilla Wraps – Summer Virgin

Sweet, bitter and fruity this refreshing pint will work its way through the Mexican spice to freshen up the pallet.

Sandwiches – IPA

Our light, refreshing session ale – perfect for a light lunch.

Salads – Aussie Blonde

Fruity and crisp to match a light salad.

Sweet Foods – BBC2 or Aussie Blonde

Cake, Waffles, Crepes

BBC2 has dry, crisp tropical fruit flavours which will effectively cut through sweetness, making it a perfect partner.

Or perhaps try Aussie Blonde, with tropical fruit, pineapple and peach flavours which work really well with sweet foods.

Of course these are just our recommendations.  Feel free to experiment with your own Brentwood Beer and food flavour combinations.  Tweet us your suggestions @BrentwoodBrewCo if you like.






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