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Best is Best Pickled Egg Match

Initially, we didn’t think the Beer for That campaign beer and food match pairing, combining the complementary flavours of our Lumberjack (5.2% ABV) beer with festive Brussels sprouts, could be beaten but it turns out we were mistaken.

Brentwood Best 4.2% has recently won approval from the Britain’s Beer Alliance, Beer for That campaign, as the perfect partner for the king of traditional bar snacks – the pickled egg.

Brentwood Brewery MD Roland Kannor said:  “All this talk of pickled eggs and Brentwood Best is making me hungry and thirsty.  Who doesn’t love a pickled egg?

“Individually they’re an excellent choice but together they’re absolutely marvellous.”

Tasting Notes:  Brentwood Best 4.2% ABV is made with a good dose of Challenger and EKG hops giving a well-rounded flavour and aroma.  Light copper in colour this beer is a firm favourite with our regulars.

NB:  If you’re finding it difficult to track down a pickled egg and some Brentwood Best together, this top beer and food match combo is available at Old Brentwoods Club, Ashwells Lane, Kelvedon Hatch, Brentwood, CM15 9SE.  Tell manager Bill that we sent you!

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