Brewsters United

Brewsters, female brewers, around the globe will be mashing in a special brew of Unite Pale Ale today.  Following the same recipe parameters, they are joining in sisterly unity to celebrate and promote the role of women in the brewing industry as well as raising money for charity.  The idea for the event, International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day, came from a Project Venus meeting and was organised by our Head Brewer, Sophie de Ronde, with help from Denise Ratfield of Stone Brewery in the USA.

Here at Brentwood Brewery, Sophie, the only Brewster in Essex, was joined for an early morning mash in at 8am by fellow Brewsters, Sommeliers and Writers.  Author of School of Booze and Beer o’clock, Jane Peyton, Drink Britian’s Susanna Forbes and Sommellier Cassandra Orford joined the Brentwood brewing team with help from Brewster Jaega Wise of Wild Card Brewery in Walthamstow.

“It’s important to raise the profile of women in the industry especially as we are seeing more women drinking real ale in bars, so you need more of a representation in the industry.

“Although brewing is male dominated, in any industry you need to have a balance and a different perspective in order to grow and succeed,” said Brewster Jaega Wise.

Sara Carter of FFF Brewery in Alton, Hampshire also popped in to lend her support to the project.

Now that Brentwood’s Unite Pale Ale is underway, the brewery is gearing up for a day of celebration on International Women’s Day.  Chelmsford Ladies Morris Dancers are due to perform from noon and we’ll have the Aussie BBQ Co here too.  The Brewery Shop is open as usual from 10.30am to 3.30pm and there’ll be plenty of people to chat to about beer and the opportunity to sample some Elephant Brewing School Jester Pils 4.7%, Brentwood Blonde 3.8% or Burton Ale 4.8%.

Please do drop into the Brewery today and support the girls.

Brentwood Brewing Company will be making donations to two charities from the sale of Unit Pale Ale.  Brentwood-based children’s charity SNAP, Special Needs and Parents and US-based Brewsters’ charity, The Pink Boots Society.

About 70 breweries and many more Brewsters signed up for this International Women’s Day Event.  Although they’ll follow the same recipe, there’s an opportunity for each brewery to put their own stamp on the ale by adding their own flavourings, so each version of this special charity brew will be different.

Keep an eye out for Brentwood’s version of Unite Pale Ale – it should be ready for drinking in April.





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