Coming Up

Well, June has flown by for us at the brewery. We have been doing lots of prep for the up and coming (and hopefully sunny!) July.

Next weekend we have the Brentwood Festival, I hope you all have your tickets! They are flying out the door and if you haven’t got yours yet then you can find them here

If this isn’t your kind of event  then don’t worry as the Chelmsford Summer Beer Festival,, starts the Tuesday after. We have our normal bar so coma along and have a few beers. if your a little bored of our usual stuff we have a few new exciting things on. We will be showcasing some of the Elephant School beers and we also have some very special Chockwork Orange that has been aged in a Whiskey barrel for 3 months.

I hope this will keep you all occupied for the first half of July, then you can recover before the August holidays begin!

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