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Distanced Beer Fest Success

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who came along to the brewery for our first socially distanced, outdoor Beer Festival on 8th August. It was the first event we’ve held since lockdown. Arrangements may have been slightly different than usual but our Pie & Pint Festival still managed to maintain a very chilled vibe despite the added challenge of scorching heatwave temperatures.

Thirsty Weather | Photo by Wendy Pike
Thirsty Work for Head Brewer Ethan Kannor | Photo by Wendy Pike
Chilling Out in Roasting Heat | Photo by Wendy Pike

“It was marvellous to see so many people back at the brewery enjoying themselves. We’re delighted and very grateful for their support.

“A lot of thought and work went into making the brewery as safe as possible for staff and visitors. We wanted the festival to be fun too. From the feedback we’ve had, people had a good time and felt reassured about the safety measures we put in place.”

Brewery MD, Roland Kannor
Socially Distanced Tables Under Gazebo | Photo by Wendy Pike
Enjoying a Pint | Photo by Wendy Pike
Relaxed Atmosphere | Photo by Wendy Pike

Good Feedback

Beer Blogger Justin Mason | Photo by Wendy Pike

Essex beer blogger and writer Justin Mason was at the festival. He commented on Twitter:

“Socially distanced tables, socially distanced queuing, very well organised and everyone was very sensible.”

Justin Mason
Sensible, Socially Distanced Queue | Photo by Wendy Pike
Socially Distanced Tables | Photo by Wendy Pike

Perfect Pie Weather

Regardless of searing temperatures, it seems our festivalgoers’ appetite for that Great British staple, the home cooked pie, remains undiminished, whatever the weather. Dean’s delicious steak pies and chicken pies were so much in demand that they completely sold out by mid afternoon.

Dean Taking a Well Deserved Break from the Kitchen | Photo by Wendy Pike

Cute Pooches

VIP (Very Important Pooch) Rubble and his ‘dad’ Mike | Photo by Wendy Pike

Some canine regulars also joined us. As well as Lucy the lovely lab and cute Luna, Rubble the bulldog from Hornchurch was there with his owner Mike. Rubble’s been attending brewery events since he was a tiny, sleepy pup. He’s made such a big impression on the brewery team that Roland’s considering naming a new beer after him.

Cute Luna | Photo by Wendy Pike
Lovely Lucy with Owners Cllr Noelle Hones and Cllr Jon Cloke

Save the Date

We’re holding our next beer festival, Oktoberfest, on Saturday 26th September and hope that you’ll join us. Again, it will be outdoors and socially distanced. Details to follow soon.

Ralph Kannor Enjoying a Pint | Photo by Wendy Pike

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