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Ethan’s Marvellous Medicine

Not only has Elephant School Brewing launched a new beer at Chelmsford Summer Beer & Cider Festival 2015, but the beverage itself represents a totally new concept in beer-drinking.  And thinking.

Elephant School Brewing is a brand belonging to Brentwood Brewing Company.

Ethan’s Marvellous Medicine 3.7% ABV is the rather zany invention of Ethan Kannor, the youngest head brewer in the country.  “I wanted to create something unique and unusual.

“There are so many beer flavours out there, it’s getting increasingly difficult to come up with something that really is new.  So I thought, let’s go crazy, rip up the rule book and be borderline ridiculous.”

So how will this belligerent new beer shake things up in the sphere of beer?  Some real ale drinkers will probably be aghast at the suggestion, but the same beer, Ethan’s Marvellous Medicine, can be enjoyed in six different flavours with the addition of non-alcoholic flavour shots.  Seven flavours if you count the beer on its own, straight.

Banoffee Pie
Kiwano Melon
Something o’clock
Rhubarb and Ginger
Grapefruit Blossom

The flavourings, all completely natural, are supplied by TREATT.  This specialist flavour and fragrance ingredient company, based in Bury St Edmunds, has a well-established, worldwide reputation.  Working closely with Ethan, TREATT has been exploring flavour trends and creating combinations of natural ingredients inspired by Grandma’s Garden and Summer Mocktails, to see this project from  an initial ‘off-the-wall, madcap’ idea through to the final ‘ever-so-slightly bonkers’ new product.

Flavourings can be pre-mixed in cask, ready to drink.  Alternatively, for a little theatre at the bar, your chosen flavour, measured in a shot glass, can be added to the ale.

“It’s a radical, rebellious kind of beer that bends the rules of ale-drinking.  I think it’ll appeal to open-minded people, anyone who likes to try different things and those who fancy a change from the norm.

“With Ethan’s Marvellous Medicine, you’re in charge – you call the shots.  You could choose a different flavour every day of the week.  In fact there’s nothing to stop you trying each of the 720 possible combinations by mixing all six flavours but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that,” added Ethan.

Find ‘Professor” Ethan starring on YouTube in the first of a series of promotional videos for Ethan’s Marvellous Medicine by Elephant School Brewing.   Here’s the link


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