IWCB Day Thanks from Brentwood Posse

Thank you to everyone who supported the first International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day.

“We’re hugely proud of how the day turned out.  We’d like to thank everyone who has generously donated their time, services and products to make this event such a success,” said Head Brewer, Sophie de Ronde.

Brewsters, beer writers and journalists gathered at the brewery for an early morning mash in, brewing the day’s special Unite Pale Ale.  Among them were Jaega Wise of Wild Card Brewery in Walthamstow and Sara Carter of FFF Brewery in Alton, Hampshire.

Sophie added:  “It’s always good to get the Project Venus girls together.  Brewing collaboratively gives us an excuse to get together, network and have fun socialising.  Obviously we talk a lot about brewing but we all usually learn something new.”

Author of Beer o’clock and School of Booze, Jane Peyton, also tried her hand at mashing in.  Drink Britain’s Susanna Forbes and Novice Brewster Cassandra Orford of Fullers pitched in, with Cassandra insisting on climbing inside the Mash Tun afterwards to give it a thorough once over.  Brewster’s Assistant Tory Leyshon helped out too, soon making friends with everyone by rustling up bacon butties for a working breakfast.

Thanks to Charles Farram & Co Ltd for their contribution of Cascade hops and to Muntons of Stowmarket for donating malt for the project.

Stuart Robson of Muntons Craft Brewery Malts dropped by to lend his support.  He said:  “Muntons recognises Project Venus as a valuable and exciting way of encouraging women in the brewing sector.  We decided to support IWCB Day by donating the malt to Brentwood Brewing Company as we are looking to further develop our relationship with Project Venus.  We’re hoping to encourage a cluster of brewsters by supporting them in the future and offering our technical services too.”

Once the Unite brew was safely in the copper, there was time to enjoy a pint of something Brentwood and to be entertained by Chelmsford Morris Ladies.  Thanks also to Aussie Barbeque Co for providing the catering.

Unite Pale Ale was brewed in sisterly unity by women around the world in about 70 different breweries following the same recipe parameters.  The aim of the project is to raise the profile of Brewsters and raise money for charity.  Following a Project Venus meeting, our Sophie came up with the idea of International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day to celebrate International Women’s Day.  The event was publicised on social media and with help from Denise Ratfield of Stone Brewery in the USA.

Brentwood’s version of Unite Pale Ale should be ready for drinking next month.  Donations from its sale will be made by Brentwood Brewing Company to two charities:  Brentwood-based SNAP, Special Needs and Parents and US-based Pink Boots Society.





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