News from St Georges Day

So Tuesday was a great success, the Earl came out to play and our team, I think, were a little worse for ware on Wednesday morning!

Ethan, one of our dedicated brewers managed to hold the record for baked bean eating with a cocktail stick, 52 beans in 1 minute!

Our team destroyed the table football (the table as well as the opposition).

We managed to beat New Zealand at pool but then the indoor golf was far harder than it first appeared, so we didn’t fair so well in this.

MD Kannor maintained his Beer Bat Flipping champion title at 30 beer mats in one go.

We discovered that the Earl is highly capable of holding up traffic, he may have a new career as a traffic warden soon; thats if his Ring the Bull abilities don’t take him far and wide.

All in all a great day was had by all and if you think you can do better than us then come along next year and join in with the challenges!

 From left to right: Ethan Kannor the bean eating champion, Colin Smith of the Rising Sun, The Earl of Brentwood

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