Tried The Gentlemen’s Creche Yet?

Does your other half drag around the shops on Saturdays, sulking or complaining?  Perhaps they fuss, fidget and get fractious quickly?  Or maybe they just faff about, get under your feet and fray your nerves by being generally vexatious?

Here’s an inspired suggestion for you.  Why not improve your humour and theirs by dropping your other half off in our Gentlemen’s Crèche, leaving you to get on with your day unhindered.  When we say Gentlemen’s Crèche, we really mean gentlefolk as we welcome ladies too.

Park your other half with us at Brentwood Brewery, safe in the knowledge they cannot get up to much mischief and they’ll be there when you return to collect them.

They can relax in the comfort of a soft chair or find someone to talk to at the Brewery Shop Bar.  If it’s sunny, as it often is in Brentwood, they can enjoy a pint outside on our sun deck.  We’ll even let them try a taster or two of Brentwood Beers on tap, gratis.  You are then free to enjoy shopping, the gym or even a pamper session, making everyone a winner.  When you pick your other half up, you could even enjoy one of our fabulous Brentwood Beers with them to chat about what a great time you’ve each had.

It’s a formula for a happy Saturday that really works.  Lynn Williams from Basildon is very satisfied with the Gentlemen’s Crèche idea, having dropped off her husband and brother-in-law for a birthday treat recently.

“It was lovely because the longer they’re in the Gentlemen’s Crèche, the more I can spend down the shops and in the farm shop, so it works really well.  Normally my husband would be stopping everywhere and finding any excuse to stop and sit down.  He hates shopping.  So this is perfect,” said Lynn.

Her husband, Graham Williams, added:  “I can’t stand shopping.  I’ve been dropped off with my brother-in-law for a beer or two.  It’s a win, win situation.  My wife can get the vegetables in and I can have refreshment at the same time.”

Just think what a wonderful treat this would make for Father’s Day.  Go on.  Spoil himself and yourself by using our popular Gentlemen’s Crèche facilities.

Saturday opening times 1030am – 3.30pm.  You can find us at Calcott Hall Farm.  Keep going past the farm shop.  Turn right up the ramp and you’ll see Brentwood Brewery and parking.

We’re polishing the glasses and putting another barrel on, so what are you waiting for?  We’ll look after your little darlings for you and keep them occupied until your return.  Love Beer, Love Brentwood.


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