Blessed Be The Beer

It’s not every day that beer you’ve brewed gets blessed by the church, so the brewery was particularly excited when Father Colin Hewitt of St Thomas’ church blessed some Brentwood Beer at the churches’ first beer festival.

“You cannot beat a bit of blessed beer,” said brewery MD Roland Kannor.

Held recently as a fund raiser for the church centre, all the racking and kegs were supplied by Brentwood Brewing Company.   Each keg was sponsored and named by local businesses except for one.  The remaining cask, named Seen The Light Ale by the winning entry in a competition open to the congregation, was blessed by Father Hewitt as the St Thomas’ house beer.

“The main aim was to bring the whole community together including people that don’t attend the church.

“There was live music by various local bands, a BBQ and children’s area. It was a great success and we’re planing on making it an annual event,” said Sarah Howard from the church.

We say ‘cheers’ to that.

Love Beer, Love Brentwood

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