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Making beers that get people talking is one of the joys of the job so the brewery was especially excited to get a mention in a recent Telegraph article discussing the surprisingly decadent taste combination that eating chocolate with certain beers can bring.  Written by Hugo McEwen, with some input from Britain’s Beer Alliance, he suggests partnering chocolate with beer is one of life’s guilty pleasures.  One of the examples he cites is Brentwood Brewing Company’s Chockwork Orange 6.5% ABV and a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, for which you cannot find a finer synergy between flavours.


Praise for this food and beer combination has pleased the brewery team no end as it was in fact the the chocolate orange that was the inspiration behind creating the ever-popular, award-winning Chockwork beer.

Britain’s Beer Alliance and their Beer for That Campaign, which we’ve been participating in, has also come up with some remarkable food and beer pairings with Brentwood Beer.  For example, before Christmas, Laurence Creamer of Beer for That declared that the best beer to accompany the seasonal Brussels Sprout is Brentwood’s Lumberjack 5.2% ABV.  “Lumberjack’s full body can cope with the strong flavour of the sprout, while the beer’s sweetness will contrast and balance the bitterness from the vegetable,” he said when asked whilst guesting on a Great British Chefs #beerclub session on Twitter.  Since then, Brentwood Best 4.2% ABV was deemed by the Beer for That campaign to be the perfect partner to the king of traditional bar snacks, the pickled egg.

Whilst the sound of some of these pairings may not be to everyone’s liking, before dismissing them completely, we do recommend giving them a try yourself first.  You just don’t know until you try.  The tip about Chockwork and the chocolate orange does seem to have hit the right spot.  In the informal taste test we conducted at Flashback Fest, it got the thumbs up.

As summer beer festival season is now upon us, we’d like to share a list of dependable festival fare and Brentwood Beer pairings, endorsed by Britain’s Beer Alliance, Beer for That campaign.  Obviously, if you’re feeling adventurous, by all means give the Brussels, Pickled Egg and chocolate orange suggestions a go too.

Festival Foods & Brentwood Beer Pairing Suggestions

Backed by Britain’s Beer Alliance, Beer for That campaign.

Lumberjack 5.2% ABV

Aberdeen Angus Beef Burger


Summer Virgin 4.5% ABV


Curry dishes

Seafood Paella

Brentwood Gold 4.3% ABV

Chicken Dishes

Fish and Chips

Hope and Glory 4.5% ABV



Brentwood IPA 3.7% ABV



BBC2 2.5% ABV


Fruit Salad

Chockwork Orange 6.5% ABV

Cheese and Biscuits

Fruit Cake

Obviously, these tested and trusted pairings are simply suggestions to try.  As everyone has unique, individual tastes and preferences, we’re always keen to  hear from Brentwood Beer fans with their favourite combos.  Why not let us know what they are by Tweeting us @BrentwoodBrewCo?

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