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Canine Companions

It was good to see so many wet noses and waggy tails at the brewery’s Spring Beer Festival. We’ve never seen so many four legged visitors at the brewery before.

Hearing Dog Rusty | Photo: Wendy Pike

First there was Rusty, The Hearing Dog with his owner Sophie. Then, of course, it wouldn’t be a beer festival without an appearance from Rubble the bulldog from Hornchurch. He’s been attending brewery events since he was a tiny, sleepy pup. Now he’s six months old. Suddenly he’s all grown up.

Six Month Old Rubble with Owner Mike | Photo: Wendy Pike
Rubble the bulldog puppy at Christmas Beer Festival | Photo: Wendy Pike

Also caught on camera accompanying their owners were Molly and Turbo from Brentwood.

Molly | Photo: Wendy Pike
Turbo | Photo: Wendy Pike

Also Whoopi Goldberg, Milo and Jackson from Pilgrims Hatch.

Whoopi Goldberg & Owner Keiron | Photo: Wendy Pike
Milo | Photo: Wendy Pike
Jackson | Photo: Wendy Pike

Perhaps they had all sniffed out news of the brewery’s special Sherlock Bones dog biscuits? Sherlock Bones are additive free and handmade locally using just three natural ingredients – the brewery’s spent grain, flour and egg.

Sherlock Bones are available from the brewery shop (£3.50 per packet).

Apologies to any canine festival goers who missed our photographer. There’s always next time. Our Summer Beer Festival is on Saturday 8th June.

Love Beer, Love Brentwoof!

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