December Recipe

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition. The winning Recipe of the Month for December is Beer Batter Black Pudding Fritters with Bovril, onion and mushroom gravy by Michelle Reilly, using our Elephant School Pils. Congratulations to Michelle who wins a case of Brentwood Beer.

Please keep sending us your best original recipes using Brentwood Beer, via Facebook or email [email protected].

One lucky winner will be picked for our Recipe of the Month and will receive a case of beer.

Elephant School Pils 4.6%

Batter Black Pudding Fritters with Bovril, onion & mushroom gravy

by Michelle Reilly

4 x rounds of black pudding
10 fl oz Brentwood Elephant School Pils
8 oz self-raising flour
1 red onion
6 x chestnut mushrooms
2 x tsp beef Bovril
1 x beef stock
1 x tablespoon butter
Sprinkle of rock salt
1 x Brentwood Belgian
1x Brentwood beer of choice

For the batter:
8oz self-raising flour
10 fl oz Brentwood Elephant School Pils

Sift flour and mix in lager until a thick batter is formed

To cook:
Dip black pudding in flour
Dip floured black pudding in batter
Fry for 3-4 mins in very hot oil, 340 degrees
Take out of oil and place on kitchen roll to dry

For Gravy
Melt butter in pan
Thinly slice red onion and mushrooms
Fry until soft
Add half a bottle of Brentwood Belgian
Add Bovril and beef stock
Simmer gravy until thick and glossy

To serve:
Spoon gravy onto plate
Place black pudding fritters on top
Top with a little more gravy
Sprinkle with parsley and rock salt

Serve with your favourite Brentwood Beer!

Love Beer, Love Brentwood

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