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Go Low-Cal, Low Alcohol BBC1

If you’re struggling to complete your Dryanuary challenge or have kicked off the new year on a weight loss diet, Brentwood Brewery has some marvellous news for you.

If no alcohol in January is proving too tough going, can we suggest going low alcohol with us instead?  Our BBC1 is bursting with real ale goodness and flavour yet is just 1.5% ABV.

Low-Cal BBC1

More wonderful news.  A 500ml bottle of BBC1 is just 80 calories.  That’s fewer than an apple (about 95 calories) and less than half the calories of a standard beer.  Typically a 4% beer is approximately 200 calories and 6% about 250.

Wine drinkers might be tempted to switch tipples too when they discover a bottle of BBC1 is half the calorific value of a standard 175ml glass of wine at around 160 calories.

Calories V Exercise

For anyone not completely au fait with calorie counting, what does this mean?  In terms of the amount of exercise required to burn off a standard 4% ABV beer at 200 calories, it would take roughly:

  • half an hour of moderate swimming or singles tennis or football
  • three quarters of an hour walking or walking the dog or yoga
  • 1 hour playing darts or bowling or volleyball

BBC1,  our Beer of the Month for January, is a ridiculously drinkable, light brown coloured ale.  It offers loads of flavours that burst on the palate from the mix of Columbus, Chinook, Citra and Cascade hops.  BBC1 is available in 500ml bottles or Polypins from the Brewery Shop or online.

Head Brewer Ethan Kannor Pouring Himself a Bottle of BBC1 | Photo by Wendy Pike

Brentwood Brewery Tap Room is open six days a week.  Why not pop in for a pint?

Love Beer, Love Brentwood

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