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Brentwood Brewery’s Summer Beer Festival wasn’t all just about the beer this time.

One of 30 Mustangs at Brentwood Brewery | Photo: Wendy Pike

A visit from members of the British and Belgian Mustang Societies created a spectacle for festival goers to enjoy too – the sight of 30 highly polished Ford Mustangs parked outside the brewery.

Mustangs at Brentwood Brewery | Photo: Wendy Pike

The Mustang owners took a mini tour of the brewery with MD Roland Kannor, before enjoying the festival atmosphere themselves.

“There was so much love for the Mustangs. And there’s nothing like the sound of a six litre engine revving up. Their visit was a truly inspiring experience. I’d love to own a Mustang.”

Roland Kannor, MD Brentwood Brewing Company
Vintage Mustang from Belgium | Photo: Wendy Pike
Megan Webb from the charity A21, the Cart Shed Restaurant team, the team from J W Ice Cream Company, The Mayor & Mayoress of Brentwood, Cllr Keith Parker & his wife Frances, Head Brewer Ethan Kannor, MD Roland Kannor and The Soniks at Brentwood Brewery’s Summer Beer Festival 2019
Photo: Wendy Pike

The Mayor of Brentwood, Cllr Keith Parker and The Mayoress, his wife Frances, joined festival goers for a lunchtime drink and a chat (Saturday 8th June).

J W Ice Cream Company

The Mayor of Brentwood, Cllr Keith Parker & The Mayoress, Frances Parker with the team from J W Ice Cream Company

They also got the chance to sample some locally made ice cream when they visited Tracy and Jay Weekes on their stand. J W Ice Cream Company, based in Grays, makes alcohol infused ice creams and sorbets. The company is currently developing a Brentwood Brewing Company Chockwork Orange ice cream and an Elephant School Sombrero sorbet

Tracey & Jay Weekes of J W Ice Cream Company from Grays

The Soniks

Local band The Soniks entertained everyone in the afternoon, playing their first gig at the brewery. Mark McClaran from Harold Wood (lead vocals and guitar), Paul Campbell from Southend (drums) and Paul Hubbard from Horndon on the Hill (bass guitar and vocals), played well known tunes by groups like The Jam, The Who and Kinks, among others.

The Soniks L-R Mark McClaran, Paul Campbell & Paul Hubbard Photo: Wendy Pike

The trio, a pure mod, soul and R & B band, will be playing the main stage at The Brentwood Festival presents Evoke on Saturday 13th July. On 11th August they will play at the Animal Aid Festival for Hopefield Animal Sanctuary at Herongate Cricket Green. Their Facebook page has a full list of upcoming gigs.

Enjoying a Pint in the Sunshine | Photo: Wendy Pike

A21 The Charity

Raising awareness for A21, the charity that aims to ‘abolish slavery everywhere forever’, fundraiser Megan Webb took to the microphone to give a short talk ahead of The Soniks’ performance. The anti human trafficking charity had a stand full of information about modern day slavery, explaining how to spot the signs and what to do if you see it.

Megan Webb, Fundraiser for A21 charity aiming to ‘abolish slavery everywhere forever’ Photo: Wendy Pike

Many festival goers were shocked by the statistics. There are millions of slaves in the world today and it’s estimated that just 1% of victims are ever rescued and only 1% of traffickers are ever convicted. And, surprisingly, slavery is a big problem in the UK.

It’s estimated there are between ten and thirteen thousand victims of slavery in the UK. Just over half are adults and 45% are children. Of those forced into exploitation in this country 60% are men, 39% women and 1% transgender. Before becoming enslaved, the common factor they shared was just being vulnerable. More information is available at (Modern Slavery Hotline: 08000 121 700.)

The Cart Shed Restaurant

Will Aldis sampling some of his own fare.
Will along with Vicky Fitzpatrick of The Cart Shed Restaurant, Epping | Photo Wendy Pike

Aside from the charity’s hard hitting messages, the atmosphere was relaxed as festival goers enjoyed the variety of cask, keg and bottled Brentwood and Elephant School beers on the ale list. Hot food and snacks served by Will Aldis and Vicky Fitzpatrick of The Cart Restaurant, Epping were also available at the festival.

Supping Some Brentwood Beer | Photo: Wendy Pike


“Our thanks to everyone who came along to make the Summer Beer Festival such a fun and enjoyable day. We’re already planning our next do, which is a Beer & Cheese Festival on Saturday 17th August. Hope you can join us.”

Roland Kannor, MD Brentwood Brewing Company
Photo: Wendy Pike
Photo: Wendy Pike
Photo: Wendy Pike

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