Perfect for Chesney

How do you thank a pop star legend who starred in your production of the family musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat?  Well, in Brentwood, it’s achieved by presenting that celebrity, Chesney Hawkes, with a suitably stellar gift – a bottle of  ‘the one and only’ Van Kannor, luxury, Champagned beer, brewed at Brentwood Brewery.  Show producer Mark Reed says he could think of nothing finer.

“I had to give Chesney something as a farewell gift and to say thank you.  I couldn’t think of anything better than a bottle of Van Kannor.  It was perfect.  It said everything about Brentwood and the experience we had with him last weekend,” said Mark Reed.

Joseph Success

More than two and a half thousand people saw Chesney as Joseph in the show’s two performances last weekend at The Brentwood Centre.  “It was glorious.  We had 150 people on stage and back stage too.

“Chesney is so talented and so easy to work with.  He’s the nicest guy going.

“It was a huge demand we put on him as he had very limited rehearsal time with us all but we’ve made a true friend there,” added Mark.

Early Days for Chesney

Chesney’s Dad, who was in the Tremeloes, set the teenage Chesney a deadline of three months over the summer holidays to become a pop star.  The rule was if Chesney didn’t make it within that time limit he’d have to return to his studies.

Having cut his musical teeth playing piano and singing in pubs, happily for Chesney, he got his first big break after seeing an advert for auditions whilst in hospital recovering from having his wisdom teeth out.  After several rounds of auditions, he landed a top role in rock drama Buddy’s Song, starring Roger Daltrey, setting Chesney on the path to stardom.

Chesney then found fame a couple of years later in 1991 with his number one hit, The One and Only.

Brentwood – so Rock ’n’ Roll

But when it comes to a rock and roll lifestyle, it seems Brentwood and Mark Reed lead the way.  Following a self-imposed abstinence for an extended Dryanuary, Chesney was tempted by Mark to break his fast and enjoy a drink at the Brentwood Centre bar.  And guess what he had?  Only a pint of Brentwood Beer.


Brentwood Brewing Company MD Roland Kannor said:  “What a way to end a dry spell.  I understand this was Chesney’s first beer for quite some time, possibly since Christmas, and we’re delighted it was one of our Brentwood Beers that quenched his thirst.

“We also wish to thank Mark Reed for flying the Brentwood flag and for presenting Chesney with a bottle of our finest, luxury beer, Van Kannor.  We like to think it’s perfect for all sorts of special occasions.”

Chesney Hawkes is playing a series of gigs throughout the UK this year.  Details can be found at

Van Kannor can be found in the brewery shop or online.

Brewery friend Suzanne Gunn managed to photo bomb this one of Chesney Hawkes with his bottle of Van Kannor.  Great work Suzanne.

Love Beer, Love Brentwood

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