Pump Clip Treasures

Do you collect pump clips?  Have you ever considered starting?  It’s always good to have a hobby.  Either way, you’re welcome to rummage, rootle and rifle around some boxes full of them in Brentwood Brewery’s Tap Room and Brewery Shop.  Who knows what treasures you might find!  We’re selling some off for charity at 50p each or 3 for £1.

Pump clip collecting is really quite popular as a hobby, albeit a little niche. Did you know there is a national pump clip museum?  It’s based at New Basford in Nottingham where 1600 pump clips are on display.  The museum evolved from a private collection belonging to Mike Gatenby of between 20,000 and 30,000 pump clips which he started collecting in the seventies.  It is now the national collection.

He said:  “Very few collectors have their clips on display, especially if they are married!  Normally they live in the loft never to be seen from one year to the next.  Some collectors have them in sheds,outhouses, conservatories and even stuck on bars in houses.”

Because of the museum’s size a maximum of three people can tour at any time and visits are by pre-arranged appointment only and just for pump clip collectors or brewery historians.


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