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Celebrating Brentwood Town Twinning

Brewery visitors joined Brentwood Town Twinning Association supporters to enjoy a little taste of German Oktoberfest in July.  Held to celebrate the town’s links with Landkreis Roth in Germany, July Fest, complete with Oom-Pah music, took place at Brentwood Brewery on Saturday (28th).

Special Guests at Brentwood Brewery for July Fest. Photo by Wendy Pike

Photo by Wendy Pike of NewsWoozle:  Special guests at Brentwood Brewery for July Fest (L-R) Cllr Tom McLaren, Fei He, Cllr Jon Cloke, The Mayor of Brentwood Cllr Sheila Murphy, Alex Burghart MP for Brentwood & Ongar, Roland Kannor MD Brentwood Brewing Company and Cllr Andy Wiles

Sausage and a Beer for Town’s MP

Among the guests was Alex Burghart MP for Brentwood and Ongar.  He said:  “We built up some really close friendships with our sister town in Germany over the years and this is a wonderful way of celebrating that relationship and everyone having the chance for a beer and a sausage.”

Mayor of Brentwood Joins the Fun

Once again the brewery was delighted to welcome the Mayor of Brentwood Cllr Sheila Murphy.  Talking about the benefits to Brentwood of town twinning, she said:  “It’s something traditionally we’ve always done very, very well and as people get older we need to bring the younger people in to join us and continue it.

“It’s still very important regardless of where we are in Europe, we are still European, we need keep these ties up and running they bring benefits.  They’re valuable and shouldn’t be lost.”

Cazza Simms and Alan Sparke Enjoying July Fest at Brentwood Brewery

Photo by Wendy Pike of NewsWoozle:  Cazza Simms from Hornchurch and Alan Sparke from Upminster enjoying some German bier at Brentwood Brewery’s July Fest

Along with the dozen cask and draught Brentwood and Elephant School beers on offer there were five different bottled beers on the bar from the Pyraser Landbrauerei in Thalmässing, Bavaria which is in the Landkreis Roth area.

To organise July Fest, Brentwood Brewery worked in partnership with Brentwood/Landkreis Roth Town Twinning Association.

Brentwood Town Twinning Association

Brentwood Town Twinning Association Members with The Mayor of Brentwood and Roland Kannor at Brentwood Brewery for July Fest

Photo by Wendy Pike of NewsWoozle:  Brentwood Mayor Cllr Sheila Murphy with Brentwood Brewing Company MD Roland Kannor and Brentwood Town Twinning members Cllr Jon Cloke and John and Elizabeth Scannell

Cllr Jon Cloke of Brentwood Town Twinning Association said:  “I had to drive out to Germany in June.  We were invited as VIPs to the 950th anniversary of the foundation of the place where we stay in Germany.  While we there we popped into the Pyraser Brewery and picked up six cases of German Bier for July Fest.”

“I’ve been involved with the town twinning association for about ten years.  As well as the business and education partnerships made through the association, on a personal level it’s a very sociable thing to do.  You strike up friendships which is always good whether you’re an EU supporter or not.”

Authentic Pyraser Bier at July Fest at Brentwood Brewery

Bottles of German Bier from Pyraser Landbrauerei (Photo: Wendy Pike)

Last year, a new friendship was struck up between Brentwood Brewery and Pyraser Landbrauerei.

Roland Looks Forward to Visit to Germany

Roland Kannor, MD Brentwood Brewing Company:  “Thanks to Brentwood’s German twin town links, we’ve made friends with the Pyraser Brewery in Landkreis Roth.  Last year they came along to Oktoberfest at Brentwood Brewery, bringing with them some authentic German bier.   When they returned they took with them some Brentwood Beer to share with their colleagues in Germany.

“We plan to visit the Pyraser Brewery sometime soon and would like to organise a coach trip, which will be open to readers of our newsletter the Beery News.”

“Some of our friends at Pyraser are hoping to come over for another visit this year.  They hope to join us at Brentwood Brewery for our next event on Saturday 29th September.  We’re looking forward to welcoming them and enjoying a few beers together.”


Something the town twinning association and the Mayor of Brentwood are hoping for is the blossoming of further future friendships.  “My friend Sarah Parish is Deputy District Commissioner for Brentwood Scouts and she’s in the middle of planning a trip to Landkreis Roth in Summer 2021, hoping to take 50 to 100 young people.

“I think the Scout’s involvement (Brentwood Scouts is one of my charities this year) would be a good way to introduce young people to Town Twinning via the Scouts,” said the Mayor of Brentwood, Cllr Sheila Murphy.

July Festival at Brentwood Brewery

Photo by Ricci Fothergill of RMC Photography Ltd

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