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BBQ Time

BBQ Time

Head Brewer Ethan and The Earl of Brentwood from Brentwood Brewing Company with Neil from Risdens Butchers and Dan from Calcott Hall Farm Shop

Bank Holiday Monday 25th May sees the start of National BBQ Week 2015.  With our friends at Calcott Hall Farm Shop and the butchers there, Neil Risdon, we’re certain you’ll find all the top quality ingredients for a perfect barbecue, including your Brentwood Beer favourites.

The brewery has also been working with to come up with a list of the best Brentwood Beers to compliment the flavours of different foods including barbecue staples like chicken, sausages and steak.  If you Tweet @beerforthat #beermatch and ask what beer matches a particular type of food, they’ll Tweet back some ideas.  Here are some Brentwood Beer match suggestions from Beer for That for barbecue foods:

Brentwood Gold with grilled, barbecue chicken.

Hope & Glory with sausages and beefburgers.

Chockwork Orange with sausages (you can buy sausages made with Chockwork Orange from Risdon’s at Calcott Hall Farm Shop).

Summer Virgin with Grilled fish or seafood.  Also with chicken tikka.

Lumberjack with grilled, barbecue steak.

Brentwood Gold with Monkfish.

BBC2 with fruit salad.

Van Kannor with strawberries.  Also white chocolate and strawberry cheesecake.

This year is the 19th National BBQ Week.  It runs from 25th – 31st May.  Organisers say ‘Go for the grill’ and ‘It’s Sunny – so Barbi!’  They must be ignoring the track record for rain on Bank Holiday Monday.  Although that sunny sentiment may end up being wishful thinking, whatever the weather, getting the barbecue out has to be a good call.  It’s a great reason to have a few friends over to enjoy a meal and some fabulous Brentwood Beer.  That lot at National BBQ Week are so keen to get everyone grilling they offer free recipe ideas and pre-made invitations to download from their website:

We hope the sun shines on your barbecue but even if it doesn’t we’d still like to say cheers everyone, have a great Bank Holiday weekend.


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