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Cheers to Beer Day Britain

The first national day in celebration of beer is to be held on Monday 15th June – Beer Day Britain.  The date is significant because 800 years ago in 1215 the Magna Carta was sealed. Beer was so important back then, it got a mention in the famous historical document in article 35 of the charter:

“Let there be throughout our kingdom a single measure for wine and a single measure for ale and a single measure for corn, namely ‘The London Quarter’.”

A nationwide ‘cheers to beer’ is being organised.  It is hoped people will go to pubs all around the country and simultaneously raise a glass of ale at 12.15pm on 15th June.  The trend on Twitter is #CheersBDB.

To celebrate this first national beer day and the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, Brentwood Brewing Company is offering a free pint of specially brewed Magna Carta beer, Cheers John, to Brewery Shop visitors on Monday 15th June so that they can join in the nationwide ‘Cheers to Beer’ at the brewery.  That’s right.  Roland is giving away free beer so that Brentwood Beer lovers can raise a glass with us  at 12.15pm.

MD Roland Kannor said:  “What better way to celebrate our national drink?  Please come along and enjoy a refreshing pint of Cheers John on us.  Many of the rights and freedoms we take for granted today stem from the Magna Carta, so maybe we should think about that a bit too.  But most importantly wherever you are, do remember to ‘Cheers to Beer’.”

Beer Sommelier and author Jane Peyton came up with the idea for Beer Day Britain which has the backing of major industry organisations like Britain’s Beer Alliance, British Beer and Pub Association and the Society of Independent Brewers.  CAMRA is also rallying members to support the day.

The aim of the event is to raise the profile of beer as Britain’s national drink, to make people proud of British beer, pubs and brewing heritage and simply to just enjoy beer.

For more details visit or

Cheers to Beer everyone.  Let’s celebrate.

Love Beer, Love Brentwood

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